RENO Lighting: Commercial grade downlight. 120V-347V. Multi-CCT and Multi-Wattage. 24″ Conduit cable (3 Size Available)

Size: 6"


  • Voltage (V) : 120V-347V
  • Beam angle (degree): 95°
  • CRI: 93
  • Color Temperature: 3000/3500/4000K(Multi CCT)
  • Order Number: R36202/R36203/R36204
  • Available Size: 6" (10W/12W/17W-800/1000/1400LM), 8" (14W/17W/20W-1200/1450/1750LM), 10" (30W/35W/40W-2300/2700/3150LM)

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