Nova Pro Tavinea Sorto, Frame B186/ B276 Silver

Item: F007130087


  • Nova Pro Tavinea Sorto
  • Perfect organization for cutlery
  • Frame B186/B276
  • Silver
  • High-quality materials: Aluminium
Available Item:
  • F007130087: Frame B186, For Nova Pro Drawer 500mm, Width 186mm * Length 479mm * Height 45mm
  • F007130091: Frame B186, For Nova Pro Drawer 550mm, Width  186mm * Length 530mm * Height 45mm
  • F007130059: Frame B276, For Noca Pro Drawer 500mm, Width 276mm * Length 479mm * Height 45mm
  • F007130063: Frame B276, For Nova Pro Drawer 550mm, Width 276mm * Length 530mm * Height 45mm

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