Nova Pro Deluxe Drawer H122mm Metallic (4 Size Available)

Size: 400mm(16") F100065156


  • GRASS® NOVA PRO Deluxe Drawer System
  • 122mm Height
  • Fully sychronised slide technology without mid-may knock
  • Excellent running charactteristics
  • Maximum stability
  • Minimum drawer deflection
  • Integrated height and side adjustment
  • Drawer front can be fitted and removed without tools
  • Bottom panel machining not required
  • Width of bottom and back panel is teh same
  • Optimal use of storage space due to straight inside surfaces and narrow installation width
  • Mechanism: Soft Closing
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: metalalic
  • Available Size: 400mm(16"), 450mm(18"), 500mm(20"), 550mm(22")

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