Linear LED Lighting T5 Fixture Warm Light (3 Items Available)

Item: LD-GLT5F2-9W-WF


  • T5 Fixture, Frosted cover, Dimmable
  • two color temperature: warm white and cool white available
  • integrated connector for easy and seamless connection, eliminating any shadow caused by connector
  • high power and enhanced LED clips for greater brightness and longer life
  • applied USA technology for LED driver to adapt to North American power conditions and enable dimming function
Available Item:
  • LD-GLT5F2-9W-WF: lenght 575mm, 5000-5200K, 9W, 610 lm;
  • LD-GLT5F3-13W-WF: lenght 883mm, 3000-3100K, 13W, 870 lm;
  • LD-GLT5F4-18W-WF: lenght 1185mm, 3000-3100K, 18W, 1210 lm

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