Kinvaro T-105 Flap Stay (Left) (2 Item Available)

Spring: Standard Spring (F151145220)


  • Variable opening angle, holds flaps securely from 45 to 105 degree
  • Spring-supported opening function
  • Convenient access, flap lifts clear of the work area
  • Suitable for wooden doors and aluminium frames with glass infill
  • Allows additional cabinet installation above
  • Maintenance-free, no readjustment required
  • High-quality zinc diecasting, nickel-plated
  • Range of flaps : Width up to 1200mm Height : 250 - 500mm
  • Please refer to Application Range, 1pc of Right side F151145211 may need to be added for the heavier door
  • Note: Tiomos 120 hinges with spring, without damper, and tiomos mounting plates for top panel need to be ordered separately.

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