Kinvaro F-20 Folding Flap Fitting Type 2-7, Spring B,C,D (7 Size Available)

Size: Type2 SpringB (F152145237)


  • Holds flap securely in any position
  • Extremely smooth movement
  • Adjustable spring force
  • Integrated adjustable closing damper
  • Flap with 3-dimensional adjustment - height, side, angle : Direct adjustment +/- 1.5 mm
  • 3-dimensional reveal height, side, depth adjustment : Direct adjustment
  • Opening limiter adjustable to 90 degree
  • Wide range of applications for many different flap materials
  • Fast, tool-free clip fitting of the front
  • Pre-assembled Euro screws and positioning pins for easy fixture of the fitting to the side wall
  • Extremely strong
  • Weight 3.8-19.2kg
  • Range of flaps : Width : 400-1200mm, Height : 520-900mm
  • Cover caps in grey
F-20 set conprises:
  • Note: Please order separately: Tiomos 120 hinges with spring, without damper, and Tiomos mounting plates for top panel.
  • Fitting, right and left
  • Screw-on bracket for wood, including cover caps
  • Cover caps on right and left
  • Link hinges
Please go the following link and download product configuration to check the appropriate Type and Spring for your cabinet

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