HEL-847-19L-WHITE Helmibond 847 Premium Solid Wood Bonding



HELMINTIN Helmibond 847 Premium Solid Wood Bonding Adhesive

  • A Premium quality, fast setting, unextended high strength PVA adhesive
  • Specifically designed for solid wood bonding
  • Fast setting
  • No fillers - Tight, invisible glue lines
  • High Solids - Reduces/eliminates sunken glue line
  • High shear strength
  • Versatile - Can be used to bond HPL, veneer, particle board, MDF, plywood, etc.
  • in general assembly and hot/cold press application
  • Coverage/Gal: 229 ft² @ 7 wet mils
  • Open time: 5 minutes
  • Color: White
  • Packaging: 5 gallon Pail (19L)
  • Working temperature at 18ºC or warmer (Best results use above 22ºC)
  • Avoid exposure of containers to direct sunlight
  • Standard: LEED, SCAQMD
  • Safety Data Sheet : 
    • https://helmitin.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/SDS-847.pdf

Instructions PDF


Item #: HEL-847-19L-WHITE Helmibond 847 Premium Solid Wood Bonding

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