EUROFIT Handle Board B ( ON SALE ! )




Item #: Display (Handle Board)
Board Dimension 436 mm (17'), 483 mm (19'), 10 mm (⅜')
Length: 483mm
Height: 10mm
Width: 436mm
Finish: Acrylic
Material: Wood
Brand: Eurofit®

Set includes14 prearranged (128mm center to center) handles.

For more sizes and colors, do check out individual series as below:

H-502 Series
H-033 Series
H-254 Series
H-65040B Series
H-61724 Series
H-355 Series
H-61159 Series
H-022 Series
H-65013 Series
H-508B Series
H-62501 Series
H-61511 Series
H-108 Series
H-65355 Series

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