4" Slim Disc LED Lighting 10.5W 50W

Color Temperature: 3000K


  • This warm white slim wafer downlight is the one for you if you are troubled by small ceiling spaces or high electricity costs. Innovative space-saving. This LED’s slim design solves the problem of ceilings too small to install normally LED flush light panels. This recessed slim panel LED downlight only needs 2" of clearance height and doesn’t require a housing can supporting retrofit, remodel and new construction installations. Strict standards for your safety. The rugged aluminum housing resists corrosion and possesses excellent heat dissipation. This light fixture is IC rated, letting it come into direct contact with insulation. This ETL listed product ensures both high quality and safe operation while the energy star certification ensures that this product will save you on electrical costs. The light’s metal spring clamps tightly attach to your ceiling for an easy and safe installation. This light will meet the various needs you have for lighting attics, apartments, kitchens, bedrooms and other areas.
  • The spring clips max can fix the light on a 1-inch thick ceiling.
  • Construction Type: Remodel; New Construction
  • Insulation Type: IC Rated for Insulated Ceilings
  • 10.5W replace up to 50W
  • Fast & easy to install-Save on labor
  • Driver inside connection box: no junction box need

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