Vionaro Drawer H249mm Silver Grey/ Graphite/ Snow White (4 Size Available)

Color: Silver Grey
Size: 450mm(18")


  • GRASS® VIONARO Drawer System
  • 90 degree straight corners and sides
  • Slim 13mm (1/2") width side
  • Integrated height and side adjustment
  • Tilt adjustment at back
  • Plus and minus adjustments for all dimensions
  • Tool free assembly
  • Bottom panel is cut to size without notching
  • Works exclusively with Dynapro slides
  • Maximum drawer width 48"
  • For Frame and Frameless cabinetry
  • Wear resistant nylon rollers ensure quiet and precise running characteristics
  • Easy to open with a low pull out force
  • Full extension with soft closing action
  • Height: 249mm
  • Mechanism: Soft Closing
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish: Silver Grey, Graphite, Snow White
  • Available Size: 450mm(18"), 500mm(20"), 550mm(22"), 600mm(24")
  • Silver Grey 450mm(18"): F135106774; Silver Grey 500mm(20"): F135106780;  Silver Grey 550mm(22"): F135106786; Silver Grey 600mm(24"): F135107522  Graphite 450mm(18"): F135106874;  Graphite  500mm(20"): F135106880;  Graphite  550mm(22"): F135106886; Snow White 450mm(18"): F135106774;  Snow White 500mm(20"): F135106980; Snow White 550mm(22"): F135106986.
  • Brand: GRASS®
  • Please view GRASS Vionaro video at

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